About Us


Brook Crompton has been an estalblished distributor of electric motors in the United Kingdom for decades, and our trade mark brand has long since become the preferred choice for global industry.

Our electric motors power countless industrial activities spanning diverse sectors from marine, mining and oil & gas to HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)) as well as geographies across the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Always reliable and energy efficient, they keep the wheels of industry turning.

Our major shareholders, ATB Group Austria and Wolong Electric Group Co PRC are both reputable manufacturers of electric motors. With both as our strategic partners in the supply of electric motors and with our established distribution network globally under the banner of Brook Crompton brand name, we can tap on one another’s strengths and create immense synergies.


Our Vision

To be a globally recognised brand that shapes the future of electric motors by developing reliable and
energy-efficient products that keep the wheels of industry turning.

Our Mission

To develop innovative, adaptable and robust product designs through our in-depth engineering knowledge,
while growing our customer partnerships and service networks worldwide.

Core Values


– Enthusiasm: We can do it.

– Excellence: We can do it better.

– Entrepreneurship : We can do it creatively.


– Teamwork: We support each other.

– Nurture: We help you reach your potential.

– Care: We look after your well-being.


– Reliability: Trusted to deliver on time.

– Integrity: Committed to the highest standards.

– Prudence: Far-sighted in our corporate practices.